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Running Firefox in Docker

Turns out you can run Firefox in Docker. It's actually pretty easy:


From my github gist.

Installation instructions (on Linux):

# install docker and start the docker daemon
$ git clone https://gist.github.com/29e7e829341d58abe370.git docker-firefox
$ ln docker-firefox/ff-docker /some/path/for/binaries
$ ff-docker -b  # -b pulls & builds container, etc used for first time startup.


I attempted to use Alpine Linux as a proof-of-usability, since it's the hip new kid on the containerization block [1], but as it turns out Alpine's Firefox package is pretty fucked [2].

I use dmenu, this means I can run ff-docker from my desktop without opening a terminal, effectively making it a super-private-yet-convenient drop-in for Firefox. Pretty neat right?


This was pretty simple but effective in terms of giving me the option to have more privacy. I can see it being extended to add even more security; e.g., routing all of the traffic in the container through a VPN would be easy enough. Food for thought [citation needed].

[1]5mb containers sounds pretty nice to me. http://gliderlabs.viewdocs.io/docker-alpine/
[2]I get a segfault every time I try to start Firefox. More info here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=724227#c11