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From order of most to least recent:

  • CloudBolt (April 2019 - Present) writing Python Django apps, integrating the core product with tools like Terraform.
  • Nordstrom Tech (Summer 2017, Feb 2018 - April 2019) doing Unix/Linux DevOps engineering. Mostly working on Chef, Monitoring, and pipeline automation.
  • CoreOS (August 2016 - May 2017) writing documentation for Open Source projects like rkt, etcd, and Kubernetes.
  • Open Source Lab (May 2014 - August 2016) developed small open source software, writing Chef, maintaining legacy projects, teaching DevOps, and evangelizing when possible.


You can find slides for all my talks at slides.elijahcaine.me

I've spoken at some conferences including:

  • Scale (2015,2017): An introduction to Blender 3D, Crypto: Practical Math
  • SeAGL (2016): An introduction to git
  • Beaver Barcamp (Unconference 2015,2017): Various topics
  • Cat Barcamp (Unconference 2017): A practical introduction to Kubernetes


I graduated from Oregon State University with a four(ish)-year degree in Computer Science, a focus toward Cryptography, and a minor in Mathematics on December of 2017.


For about 3 years I ran and mentored the Oregon State University Linux Users Group (osulug). We hosted

  • Industry Professionals like CoreOS and Nordstrom engineers to speak with students about internships and
  • Student Talks where club members gave talks on Raspberry Pi projects, software projects, Thesis Defense practice.
  • Install Festivals where we helped people install Linux.
  • Coding Puzzles where we are challenged to finish coding puzzles and rewarded for completing the most.
  • Game Hackathon where we teamed up to complete a small working game in under an hour.
  • Languages Night where we had a round-table to talk about software development.

The LUG stayed busy.