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Prague Day 1

I went on a wonderful city tour of Prague provided by Write The Docs. We crossed some bridges, saw some castles, and experienced many wonderful parts of the city.

My dumb face and a delicious gelato.

Here's me in front of a church eating some gelato.

After the tour I was very hungry and tagged along with some folks from my tour group on a journey to get food. We went to a restaurant that brought us beer on a model train.

Choo choo. Here comes the beer train.

This is the train that brought us beer.

Here are some picture I took of the buildings in the city. I like the architecture a lot.

Classic architecture in the Prague city center. Even the small regular old streets in Prague are breathtaking.

They are so cool. I haven't found the words to describe why, but the asthetics please me.

After the tour and food there was a Write the Docs Conference Reception (aka meet & greet) where I got to hang out with many of the attendees of the conference. There was food and fabulous people.

I did not have a hard time falling asleep that night.