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To Prague!

I Strongly Dislike Travel

I would say I hate travel, but that level of hyperbole is literally the worst thing on the planet...

My strong dislike for travel comes mostly from my personal inability to trust the systems that will get me to where I am going. If I have a flight in one week and I have to take a bus or train to the airport, I will spend the entire week running through my head "When is my flight? Umm days, yeesh hours, and ack minutes. How am I getting there? The oh God bus leaving at some time, somewhere bound. Once you get there you will go through security which will take between 5 minutes and 2 hours. Budget your time appropriately. Any of these systems can fail and based on experience they have" over and over and over. The stress is compounded when people don't always speak your language and you forgot to eat a proper meal the morning of.

That is why I am 3 hours early to my flight from Amsterdam to Prague. I regret nothing.

Currency is Weird

1 USD = 24.17 Czech Republic Koruna

It is going to take me forever to remember 25 here monies is about 1 home monies. Everything is gonna feel really expensive I bet...

I Made it to Prague

I made it to Prague just fine. They have a cool train system.

The MUSTEK stop in the Prague underground transit system. Very Soviet-era design.

Way cooler than the underground train systems I'm used to...