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The Rijks museum and travel tips

The Rijks Museum

A panorama of an Amsterdam canal.

I'm not sure which street I took this panorama on, but I think it looks awesome. It captures the Amsterdam canal street pretty well.

Today I went to the Rijks Museum and had a bit of a culture overload.

Chilling with the milk maid.

Everybody got selfies with Van Gough, so I got a selfie The Milkmaid. I realize in retrospect that it doesn't work as well.

In other news, this is my face when I realized the bathroom stalls go from floor to ceiling.

Surprise and joy.

Yes, this photo was taken in the bathroom stall.

And this is a classy restaurant I found with classy lamps.

A lamp with a cute switch.

They were closed, otherwise I would have gone in.

Some Travel Tips

Although I have not completed my trip, I have some tips to share with you about travel.

  • Always bring a 'Go Bag' when you go out for the day. Fill it with snacks and necessities and leave plenty of room for memorabilia you get while out and about.
  • Try something new before defaulting to your comfort zone. This is true for food as well as experiences.
  • Always being plenty of snacks and water. You will regret it if you don't.
  • Be patient. You invested a lot to get here, make it count.
  • At a museum, take a picture of the plackard after taking a picture of the piece so you don't forget what it's called.
  • Don't be afraid to sit in a café and just read for a bit. Sometimes that's as culturally diversifying as a day in a museum or city tour.