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Who is Elijah?

Here's some stuff you can ask me about, in no particular order.

I'm an aspiring...

  • Writer.
  • Game developer.
  • Film Maker.
  • Programmer.
  • Magical DevOps cloud wizard.
  • Open Source advocate.
  • Container orchestration buzzword expert.
  • Networking. Just networking.

I have done...

  • School at Oregon State University (OSU).
  • A bunch of talks at conferences like SeaGL, SCALE, and Write the Docs EU.

I have worked at...

I've gotten a lot out of each of these including...

  • I learned how to learn.
  • I learned how to work well with others.
  • I did little bit of programming here and there too.
[really]Yeah... that Nordstrom. You're thinking of the right one. Trust me, I was suprised too.